The 4 Products Our Beauty Director Wants You To Try Right Now


Nothing makes me scooch forward in my chair more than a product that uses encapsulation. This staple of cosmetic chemistry means one ingredient is swaddled inside of another, keeping the inner one protected from air and light, which could degrade it. It’s primarily a delivery system—ferrying an active ingredient where it needs to go to be effective—but it has other benefits. Here, my latest picks of amazing beauty products all with the power of encapsulation:

There are itty-bitty molecules of perfume encapsulated in this spray. The scent molecules are activated by your sweat, which unleashes them—and freshens you up—with a slightly floral aroma when your underarm situation gets stanky.

Retinol is a notorious skin agitator (my guess is you’ve heard this one before). But this formula encapsulates the wrinkle-smoothing ingredient, allowing a slow rollout into the skin—which de-ages your complexion without irritation.

While you lather up, microscopic conditioning spheres get left behind on your skin post-shower. Later, when you touch your skin or it rubs against your clothing, the shell breaks and the moisturizing agent releases, giving a dose of hydration to your legs, arms, and everything else.

Enamel can dry out nail beds, but moisturizing oils haven’t been soluble in polish—until now. By encapsulating argan oil, this lacquer keeps the oil suspended, separating the hydration from the color until you’re ready to paint it on.


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